all-optical benefits

All Echola systems optical products are electro-mechanical based switches which means switching light at physical (L1) layer with switching time is less than 5ms for all 1xN models. Since the switching happens at L1 layer it can be used with any protocol at any rate/speed. It comes in 3 types: 1xN, n(1xN) and MxN switches and allows customers to configure number of inputs and outputs according to their requirements.

Our products proves to be highly reliable as our products are already in the field for more than 7 years and provide low total cost of ownership. All of our products consumes very less power, for instance, OS3012 - a 300 port (duplex) switch consumes as low as 10 Watts!  The 1xN or n(1xN) switches  can be used to time share one expensive optical device with many other optical devices. It could save thousands of dollars in capital equipments spending by allowing effective use of under-utilized expensive optical equipments.

It runs open Linux operating system which provides user friendly management interfaces over TCP/IP. Users can configure, control and monitor the device from remote using any standard internet browser, a command line interface via telnet or SSH and SNMP. It can be programmed using the TCL based application programming interface from any user applications. Secured access through VPN is also possible. The fiber-cut switches comes with Single Mode and Multimode versions. Normally number of ports are configurable but there is maximum ports limit for each type of switch.

Echola systems products are scalable. You can cascade many devices to get one big configuration. For instance the OS214 allows users to configure many OS214 devices in series, only limited by the optical devices transmit power and OS214s total insertion loss, to share many more optical devices. The following diagram shows how two OS214 switches can be connected to get one duplex 1x7 virtual switch.


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