Fiber Cut Simulation

Fiber-cut optical switches are used for simulating fiber-cuts and automating fiber-cut scenarios in manufacturing QA or engineering test labs. The automation of fiber-cut failures saves lot of regression effort and time involved in testing software/hardware components which detect these failures and act upon. The traditional O-E-O (Optical-Electrical-Optical conversion) switches can not be used to simulate real physical layer fiber-cut fault, but Echola Systems Fiber-cut switches uses electro-mechanical shutters to stop light flow. The switching speed is less than 10ms.

Since these are Layer 1 switches you can use with any protocols (Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SONET etc.) and speed (1G,4G,10G,40G,100G etc.), as opposed to O-E-O (optical electrical conversion - 2R/3R) devices which need expensive transceivers for each port/speed/protocol. Typical application involves SONET/SDH/ATM/DWDM/Ethernet/Fibre Channel switches which uses optical uplinks with Automatic Protection Switching (APS) or similar protection and restoration features.

Fiber-cut switch allows users to configure, control and monitor the device from remote using any standard internet browser, a command line interface via telnet or SSH. The notification is supported through Syslog. These switches can be automated using TCL based application programming interface from any user applications. Secured access through VPN is also possible. The fiber-cut switch comes with Single Mode and Multimode options. The number of ports are configurable but standard models are FC411 (4 port simplex fiber-cut switch), FC811 (8 port simplex fiber-cut switch) , FC1611 (16 port simplex fiber-cut switch), VFC811 (8 port simplex slow fiber-cut switch) and VFC1611 (16 port simplex slow fiber-cut switch). The VFC series switch can also be used to simulate packet/bit errors (by dynamically varying the attenuation).

fc811                FC811 - 8 port fiber-cut optical switch


fc1611                 FC1611 - 16 port fiber-cut optical switch


newproduct                  New VFC Series fiber-cut optical switch