VFS Series Fiber Cut Simulation

VFC Series fiber-cut switch

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The original FC Series fiber-cut switch such as FC811 is based on 1x1 optical switch. So when it is used for fiber-cut simulation applications it creates a clean cut. But in real life scenarios the fiber cable cut is not always clean. In other words, the fiber is stretched before it’s torn, so power of the optical signal degrades gradually before the signal is lost completely.

VFC series fiber-cut switches (VFC811, VFC1611) are based on VOAs (variable optical attenuators). It allows you to configure the delay for the cut so that you can simulate real world fiber cut scenarios. The following graph shows difference between clean and delayed cut in terms of optical power vs time.

fcgraph vfcgraph

The software is same for both FC & VFC except that the VFC series have a option for fiber cut delay and packet/bit errors creation by dynamically varying attenuation. The VFC switch uses same enclosure as FC so you won’t be able to differentiate from outside.

VFC series switch allows users to configure, control and monitor the device from remote using any standard internet browser, a command line interface via telnet or SSH. The notification is supported through Syslog. These switches can be automated using TCL based application programming interface or using perl/xml from any user applications. Secured access through VPN is also possible. The VFC series fiber-cut switch comes with Single Mode option only.

vfc811         VFC811 - 8 port fiber-cut optical switch


vfc1611         VFC1611 - 16 port fiber-cut optical switch