Echola Systems LLC has specialized in designing and manufacturing custom Layer-1 optical switches since 2006. Our products bring cost-effective solutions to users in the instrumentation and test automation market. Specifically, they address the custom needs of users in industries such as telecoms, equipment manufacturers, academic and research institutions, and more. Typical applications include optical device sharing in test labs, optical patch panel automation, and optical layer fault simulation. Our customers include cisco logo, tellabs logo, emc logo, Coriant logo, Juniper logo, alcatel-lucent logo, Calix logo, ciena logo,and more.

Fault Simulation: Fiber-cut switch Device Sharing: 1xN, n(1xN) switch
fc811 8 port optical switch os414 image 4(1x4) optical switch
Fiber-cut optical switches simulate optical layer fiber-cuts and packet errors, typically used in automating fiber test scenarios in manufacturing QA, Engineering or Compliance testing labs. These are all-optical switches, so they can be used with any protocol/speed, such as 100G Ethernet with 10x10G lanes or 4x25G lanes. More... 1xN or n(1xN) switches help share one expensive test equipment with multiple optical devices. 1xN Optical switches have one input and multiple outputs. Therefore, the input light can be switched from input to any one of the outputs at any given time. More...

Patch Panel Automation: MxN, n(1xN) switch
OMS MxN switch 4x4 1x4 matrix switch
OMS MxN switch
MxN matrix or n(1xN) optical switches are used to automate testbed connectivity for various test configurations from remote. It reduces test configuration time as it doesn't require any physical fiber rewiring of testbeds for a different set of test configurations. Our matrix optical switches allow efficient sharing of expensive optical test equipment, saving you thousands of dollars in capital cost. All-optical connectivity means no latency and can be used with any protocol and speed. More...
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