echola systems optical switch and fiber-cut products

Echola Systems optical switches come in three types: Fiber-cut, 1xN (1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 1x8...) or n(1xN), and MxN(Matrix) switches. The fiber-cut switches are VOA-based (Variable Optical Attenuator) switches used for simulating fiber-cut fault scenarios. It can also be used as a multi-channel programmable VOAs to balance optical power in DWDM applications. The 1xN switches have single duplex input and N duplex outputs. The light can be switched from the input to any one of the output at any given time. So it can be used to share one expensive optical device with multiple (N) optical devices. The n(1xN) switches are similar to 1xN but have many 1xN switches in single enclosures. MxN, on the other hand, is a non-blocking matrix switch with M inputs and N outputs. Light can be switched from any input to any output port. The MxN and some configurations of n(1xN) type switches are used in optical patch panel automation applications.

All switches come with single-mode or multi-mode options but multi-mode versions are usually costlier than single-mode. The number of ports is configurable in most 1xN and MxN models, but there is a maximum ports limit for each type of switch. The following is a list of some standard configurations. For custom designs and prices, contact

Fiber-cut Switches
VFC1011-SM: 10 port, Single-mode fiber-cut optical switch vfc1011-SM fiber-cut switch
VFC2011-SM: 20 port, Single-mode fiber-cut optical switch vfc2011-SM fiber-cut switch
VFC1011-MM: 10 port, Multi-mode fiber-cut optical switch vfc1011-MM fiber-cut switch
VFC2011-MM: 20 port, Multi-mode fiber-cut optical switch vfc2011-MM fiber-cut switch
FC1011-MM: 10 port, Multi-mode fiber-cut (1x1 based) switch fc2011-MM fiber-cut switch

Device Sharing switches
OS214-SM: 1x4 Single-mode duplex optical switch os214 device sharing switch
OS214-MM: 1x4 Multi-mode duplex optical switch os214 device sharing switch
OS414-MM: 4(1x4) Multi-mode duplex optical switch os414 4(1x4) device sharing switch

Patch Panel Automation switches
OS3012: 100(1x2) duplex ports optical switch os3012 100(1x2) device sharing switch
OMS16: 8x8 ports matrix switch oms16 8x8 Matrix switch
OMS32: 16x16 ports matrix switch oms32 16x16 Matrix switch
OMS series MxN matrix switch - Custom ports

OMS switch with more than 64 ports currently not in production

oms32 16x16 Matrix switch

The above list only shows standard configurations that our customers use most, for custom port configurations and prices, contact

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